Clan Leadership


So, you have taken on the task of creating your own clan. Good for you!

Seriously though, leading a successfull clan can represent a lot of challenges, with ups and downs.

The most important aspect to focus on as a clanleader is good communication! You should set-up your own forums and voice-communication system, so that all your clanmembers can communicate easily.

Depending on what goals you set for your clan, you should attempt to hunt bosses for chances at good drops with your clanmembers.  If you do, it is important that you decide on a method to share the obtained loot fairly.

You can also attempt to fight for castle ownership in the Castle Siege War. If you do succeed, you will gain all taxes spent in the Moradon and Delos zones until the next Castle Siege War starts!


Posted by Magicality on 2008-07-13 12:59:00