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The code for this website was entirely written by CooLTanG, Magicality (from Ares Servers / US Knight Online) and gyorokpeter (a lonely programmer...).

All guides and content were written by the name which appears on the bottom right corner.


For the normal KO player:

All data on this website is taken exactly from your Knight Online Client. Every time you receive a new patch for the game, so does this website and it will update all available data automatically. None of it is guessed or copy & pasted. This results in the most accurate data possible!


For the technically interested:

The heart of this website lies in a MySQL database, which contains (among others) all KnightOnline tables. As soon as USKO releases a new patch onto their FTP servers, it is automatically downloaded. It will then be converted to an SQL query (checking the differences for the Patch Information page) for immediate updates. Our PHP scripts take it from there, and go on to display you the newest data for all your Knight Online needs!

Player information is scanned a few times a day. We don't have any access to K2 and the servers that a regular player doesn't have. The player info presented on this site is actually sent to every single player because the client needs to know them in order to display the players on screen. For more information, see Disclaimer.



Thank you to Destiny, Mollie, KillingSpree and :::Lance::: for designing the wonderful signatures available.

Posted by Magicality on 2008-08-16 09:56:11

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