Clan Grades


After creation of a new clan, it will be classified as Clan, Grade 5; where 5 is the lowest possible grade and 1 the highest.

To gain grades, your clan members need to have a specified amount of Clan Points.

Clan points is a term for National Points divided by 36. (36 is the maximum amount of members per clan).

The total amount needed for each rank is listed in the table below. Note that these grades are updated automatically at midnight PST.

Clan Points National Points
Grade 4 2,000 72,000
Grade 3 4,000 144,000
Grade 2 10,000 360,000
Grade 1 20,000 720,000

Any time after reaching Grade 3 you may complete a quest to increase your clan rank to Training Knights (your grade will stay the same according the amount of clan points). You can do this by killing Caitharos and then turning in the